12:14 | 11/05/2019

Review of system of construction technical regulation

(Construction) - On May 9, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction, the Steering Committee for Completing construction standards and technical regulations held a workshop to get comments for the draft Planning and Proposals of construction technical standards. Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung and Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan attended the workshop.

A view of workshop

At the workshop, delegates focused on discussing planning tasks, proposing the list of construction technical standards. The system of construction quality management system is both a tool in design and construction, as well as a legal regulation for specialized agencies to assess and inspect the quality of works, and strengthen the role of State management in the construction.

At the workshop, participants noted that it is very important to review and supplement the construction quality inspection system and need to identify the right objects for standards in order to overlap and create barriers for practical design and construction.

The system must be complete and synchronous, meeting the requirements of the State in managing construction sectors and should create the best conditions for domestic construction techniques to develop as well as apply international scientific achievements as quickly as possible for construction projects in Vietnam.

Conclusion of the workshop, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung proposed that the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Institute of Building Science and Technology to coordinate with related units to review the current construction quality control system and clarify the overlapping contents to get the best proposal.

By Khanh Phuong

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